Undercut: The Complete How To Guide + Styling Tips

how to do undercut

This modern hairstyle features parts with long hair combined with very short parts. It has many variations with different lengths and it can be done on one side only or combined with crewcut. Undercut is very easy to do, even at home. If you’re a bit too scared to to it at home, that’s ok — you’ll still be able to touch it up at home and stretch the life of your haircut.

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1. Cutting this haircut is very similar to cutting mohawk. You should first decide how wide or narrow will your ‘longer hair’ part be, or how much you want to buzz offf (if you’re just doing a sidecut). To create an undercut you will need to have 2-6 inches of hair and of course (cordless) hair clippers. That’s pretty much it.

2. Use a short settings on clippers (like #1 or #2, or more if you wish – see this post about sizes) and trim away sides and back. It can help to simply cover the top with your hand to keep yourself from cutting too much of it. You don’t need to taper sides and back, but you can use a shorter setting on sides to create a nicer look.

3. Clean up the edges. Touch up the areas around the ears and on the neck. If you want to, you can cut patterns into the short part of your hair like in the video here.

4. Using pomade, form hair into desired styling.

Want to copy Macklemore’s style? Then this hairstyle is the way to go. This is a great haircut to look younger, plus it allows plenty of different options. You can combine it with short hair, long hair, cut one hair short, cut only the back short, … Some even cut patterns into the shaved part of their undercut. Possibilities are truly endless.

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Examples of undercut

4 examples of different undercut

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