Here, we collect the best sites on hair cutting and styling and related topics. If maybe buzzcut is not quite to your taste or you’d just like to browse through tips for taking care of your hair and stay gorgeous, be sure to check out these links:

Hairstyles & Inspiration

A cool website on different types of mens haircuts – from Caesar’s cut to which hairstyles are being worn by R. Kelly. Suwarnaadi, the owner of this blog, sometimes also does suggestions and reviews of quality hair products.

Men’s Hair Blog

Site by Rogelio who also runs Manly Curls. He is a pretty awesome guy with gorgeous curly mane and he also wrote 2 popular books, so he really knows his stuff 🙂


Ok, I admit – the tutorials we have on cutting hair were strongly inspired by HairFinder’s haircut diagrams. If you’re looking for additional elaboration on certain clipper cuts or even long-hair haircuts, be sure to check them out.

Men’s Hairstyle Trends

Very professional-looking website with lots of useful information! They even answer readers’ questions and whatnot – definitely a site to check out every now and then.


Not often updated, but still a great resource of more or less classic men’s haircuts. I recommend you click through to their galleries for inspiration.

Fashion for Men


This is a beautiful site I often visit to catch up on fashion trends for men. They offer advice on important topics like combining different pieces of clothing, building up your wardrobe, etc.



A site featuring a number of very cool products. And when I say very cool, I mean very cool. Like Zombie Annihilation Crate or refrigerator that looks like a speaker. Awesome stuff.

Haircut Guides

MensHair > Haircuts

Are you confused about terms used on this site, like whitewalling, pompadour, faux hawk, etc? Then check out this guide. It will explain the most basic terms used in haircutting.

FTM Guide > Haircuts

You don’t even have to be a transgender to find this guide extremely useful. As it’s written for men who are just becoming men, used terms are simple and extremely well-explained. From talking to your barber to types of haircuts and nape designs – everything’s here. Highly recommended.

Andis Get The Look Series

In addition to being awesome on social media, clippers firm Andis also produced an amazing series of tutorials on how to do different clippercut tutorials. They took a couple of their employees, hired a hairdresser and recorded the entire session. Definitely worth taking a look as you’ll learn a lot about haircutting.

Got any other suggestions? Let me know!