Mohawk How To Guide

how to do mohawk

Mohawk, also known as iro or mohican as hairstyle probably originated from Native Americans and later adopted by a few subcultures. It’s a relatively high-maintenance haircut with plenty of styling options. A less radical version is called fauxhawk (’fake – mohawk’) featuring longer hair on sides, oftentimes combined with a crewcut.

1. To cut a mohawk, you need somewhat longer hair (they should preferably be more than 1 inch in length). Before cutting, decide on how you plan to style it – are you going to gel it or let it lay (lazyhawk)? In this case you might prefer doing an undercut. Obviously, you’ll need hair clippers, but that’s that.

2. If you want to cut a mohawk, you need to be very cautious about centering the hair correctly. Start with forming this central part first and worry about lower parts later. Use any lower number of guards (for example #2 or #3 – see this post for sizes) to buzz your hair off on each side of the mohawk.

How to center your hair correctly?

This tutorial suggests a very good idea for centering your mohawk – by simply using a piece of masking tape. What you do is simply stick a long piece of tape on the top of your head, align it until you’re happy with it, and then clip your hair following these lines.

3. When you got the mohawk about right, use a shorter sized guards to fade your way down to sideburns and back hairline. Then you can start with styling. People use gel, spray, blowdryer, or even starch or sugar to make their mohawk stand up.

How do I make my mohawk stand up?

Wash your (remaining) hair and while they’re still wet, put your head upside down and blow-dry them. Then, while still standing with your head between your legs, apply hair gel or glue and, depending on the length, use (a lot of) hairspray and let it dry. THEN you may lift your head back up.

Examples of Mohawk

examples of different mohawk styles

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