High And Tight How To

how to do high and tight

High and tight is a simple military haircut. It consists of a single strip on top of head with sides and back buzzed short. It’s very easy to do, you just need to be careful to center the top strip, kinda like with undercut.

1. Decide how narrow or wide your top side will be. Generally, you want to stop the short cut just when the clippers slide over the edge of your head, but it can even be narrower. This narrower haircut, when combined with shorter size on the sides, is then called High and Tight Recon.

2. Put guards #1 or #2 (or more – depending on which size you want on top) on your clippers and buzz your entire head. This will ensure a smooth cutting experience. If you are more experienced with cutting your own hair, you can try cutting the front part of top with slightly longer guards and smoothen it down to shorter hair towards the crown.

3. Then change guards or blades to a lower size like #000 for sides and back (or you can even shave/’whitewall’ it or even use regular nose hair trimmers). Start cutting from bottom up, and work in circles around your head. Carefully cut around the top strip. Make sure you don’t fade it into sides – there has to be a clear line visible! Sides and back do not require any fading and styling. You can still use some wax to style the front hair.

High’n’tight is great for people who want to look a little more masculine / give off the impression of toughness. It may not be exactly an “executive haircut”, but it will make you look sharp on the battle field as well as on the stage! It’s easy to touch up at home, as well.

Examples of high and tight

high and tight various different types and lengths

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