Hair Cutting Shears — Market Guide & Reviews For 2018

Hair cutting is one of the practices that are critical in making one look just great. You know the feeling when you know you are looking good? The whole attitude towards life changes and you can accomplish so much on the day you have a nice hair cut. In this article we seek to shade light on the best hair cutting scissors that could help you have just the right looks for your great job, event or friend. The hair cutting shears have been evaluated based on users’ reviews. Kindly read on to find the very best of hair cutting scissors for either home use or for professional use. Alternativelly, if you’re looking for hair thinning scissors, click here.

Comparison Table of Best Hair Cutting Scissors

Product name
Length (inches)
Blade Material
Suvorna Multicolor5.5Japanese Stainless Steel$$
Suvorna Ador Edge5.75Stainless Steel$$
Professional Salon Rainbow5.5Stainless Steel$$$
Suvorna Ador6Japanese Stainless Steel$$
Black Cutting Shears5.5Japanese Stainless Steel$
Suvorna Ador Valuehair cutting scissors6Stainless Steel$
Suvorna Ador 5.5″scissors5.5Stainless Steel$$
Tweezerman Stainless 2000 7-1/2″ Shears with Finger Rest 7077best hair cutting scissors7.5Stainless Steel$
Revlon Barber Shearshair scissorsN/AStainless Steel$
Utopia Carecutting shears6.5Japanese Stainless Steel$
JAPONESQUE Hair Shearsscissors4Stainless Steel$

Reviews of Top 10 Hair Cutting Shears

1. Saki Katana Hair [$$$$]

The Saki Katana Hair dressing scissors takes top rating from our consumers and that is why it is top on our list. It is made of quality Japanese 440C stainless steel. Its blade is the Japanese convex style that has 60-61HRC hardness. You don’t need to worry about adjusting the blades as they are adjustable. It would interest you to know that his shears were handmade! They are two piece welded with 1.5um of titanium coating. The shears are 6”

2. Kamisori Black Diamond [$$$]

The Kamisori Black Diamond Hair Scissors K-20 prides itself in being legendry yet still elegant. The master craftsmen made sure to ergonomically design and forge the new Kamisori Black Diamond Hair Scissors to an all-time high standard. More sharpness, durable and more comfort as you work your way around a nice cut of your hair. It is just great for any type of cut; point cutting, slice and blunt. You could complete you set by adding a matching texturizer.

3. Utopia Care Professional [$]

The Utopia Care Professional Barber Razor Edige Hair cutting shears boasts of its golden adjustable tension. The 6.5” shears comes with very sharp blades and the grip is quite comfortable for any size. The materials of this tool are high quality stainless steel from the Japanese. It has removable rubber inserts that would make your work easier. You could also get the same shears of sizes 5.5” and 7.5”

4. Survona 5.5 [$$]

The Survona 5.5” professional shears is made up of Japanese 420 stainless steel. To make a great finish, the stainless steel is beautifully covered in rainbow titanium. The shears have rubber finger inserts that will make your grip more comfortable and are also removable to help fit in with any size of fingers. There is a knob that will help with adjustments when the tension in the blades is not as wanted. This scissors cost more than others but you can be sure it is value for money. You have beauty and performance in this type of scissors.

5. Kamisori DOUBLE DRAGON [$$$$]

The Kamisori DOUBLE DRAGON hair scissors SF – 1 also boasts of being legendry but still offers great performance. Senior Japanese craftsmen employed their talent to bring out a piece that is great for professional as well as home use. Professionals can use this shears for advanced slice and slide cutting.

6. Bonika Jazz [$$$]

The Bonika Jazz shears is just one of the master pieces that the world has seen from the Japanese. They employed the use of Japanese steel as well as forgings to have the handmade Bonika classic cobalt. The tool is quite versatile with finer blades. In addition to quality, you get comfort in handling the scissors. We know that Bonika as the home of quality tools. You can rest in knowing that every piece is double checked for quality before it leaves the factory for distribution.

7. Tondeo Victory [$$$$]

You want a pure purism? Tondeo Victory offset Scissors 5.5” is the shears to go for. You have cutting without obstruction by virtue of the invisible screw that is in the upper shank. The scissors have a pronounced offset design that makes the hair cutting experience more relaxing with less fatigue. Its compressed and polished design minimizes any scratching of the skin as well as corrosion. In addition, the double grinding technology that is employed in this tool ensures that the very minimal resistance from the hair and that the sharpness and fineness of the tool lasts for a longer period of time. You have exchangeable rubber ring inserts and a finger rest that is removable. The tool is nickel free, it has hard ball bearing-steel and a flat pivot point that will see you have very smooth operations.

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8. Survona Ador [$]

The Survona Ador 6” Professional Barber Razor Edge Hair Cutting Shears 3126 has the advantage of being made from Japanese J2 420 stainless steel. It scores highly among customers due to its great performance; adjustable, comfortable and durable.

9. Black professional [$]

Black professional barber razor edge cutting shears is 5.5” in length and is made of Japanese stainless steel. It has an elegant look and it gets its name ‘Black’ from the fact that it is black. It has an adjustable knob that helps when the tension is high. The removable rubber inserts for the fingers increase comfort during working. Its price is affordable; it is packed in an elegant black bag that is leather.

10. Tweezerman shears [$]

Tweezerman is such a popular brand especially when it comes to celebrities. But even if you’re not one of them, this the tool to go for. It is durable, has sharp blades and has special finger rests.


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