Guide to the Best Hair Developer

In this post we will go through how to choose hair developers. We have already covered how to do a bleach bath before, and now we will guide you through one the most important elements of bleaching: hair developers (hydrogen peroxide).

How does hair developer works

Hydrogen peroxide removes colour of your hair, by entering the hair shaft and removing the molecules of colour. The developer will react with melanin, removing its colour via an oxidation process that can damage the hair without the necessary precautions.

Hair colour developers are important because they are able to give you the exact colour you want or saw on the package. Besides, knowing how to use them properly and being able to choose one that matches your needs, will avoid complications such as burning the scalp. You can mix them with bleach power to bleach the hair; after, you generally want to use dye to get a brand new, vibrant new colour.

The best hair developer for you will be one that adapts to your kind of hair. Some hair takes less to develop than others, and that has to do with each hair’s texture. The finer the hair, the fastest it is to colour it.

Things to have in mind

Whichever your hair texture we recommend to always use the lowest of volumes available, even if it might take you longer. Hair developers come in volumes. Remember, you have to mix bleach power and developer for your hair to bleach. Developers are harder to choose because they come in different volumes. The higher the volume, the faster and stronger they work. At Buzzcut Guide we always recommend going for the lowest volume possible, especially the first few times you do this. If you opt for a lower volume, not only will you be making a safer choice, as you’re able to control much better how much you will bleach. Regardless, Never forget to do a strand test first! It’s easy, simple, and will avoid future complications.

Top hair developers

So many options out there! How to choose? We did some research and we’re here to show you our picks.

1. Redken Pro-Oxide Cream Developer Cream

Coming in a larger quantity, this is a very gentle and soft developer for your hair and developer

2. L’Oreal Oreor 20-Volume Creme Developer
If you’re a bit more experienced with bleaching hair, don’t be afraid of trying this rich and creamy 20 volumes developer.

hair developer
3. Matrix Socolor Cream Developer, 10 volumes
Last but not least, we suggest this smooth and kind to the hair developer.

hair developer

In Conclusion

All of these developers come in different volumes, so you can choose the ones that fit your needs the best. We suggest you start by using lower volumes, even though you will have to wait more time to see results. It’s safer and allows you to practice without a bigger risk. Wait until you feel confident enough in your bleaching skills to start using 20+ volumes. Don’t forget to nourish your hair after bleaching and dying, as it will need a lot of help to recover from the natural damage bleach does. 😉

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