Fast and Easy DIY Hairstyles for Men and Women

You can always make your hair stylish and classy even without visiting a hairstylist or barber. There are many fast and easy hairstyles for long or short hair. Whether you have hair tools or simple hair clips and pencils, we can show you easy DIY Hairstyles for men and women. Check the photos below for great ideas. You can also try as many as you can or even make your own style.

DIY Hairstyles for Men

There are numerous DIY hairstyles for men. Whether you want to use hair clippers to keep your short hair or you want to style your medium length hair, here are the top DIY hairstyles for men.

#1 Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut, DIY HairstylesThis easy buzz cut can be achieved with hair clippers. It is also called the induction cut. Both sides are cleared, leaving short hair on top.  This is one of the easiest styles to maintain. Adding faded effect on both sides can also make it more stylish.

 #2 Slick and Parted

Slick and Parted, DIY HairstylesIf you have medium length hair, you can achieve this hairstyle by combing down your hair and make a visible line at the side, following the hairline. You can use gel or wax to keep the hair in place. This hairstyle looks neat and perfect for any kind of setting.

#3 Crew Cut

Crew Cut, DIY HairstylesThis haircut is also known as the Ivy League cut and can be achieved with hair trimmer for fading. The top has short hair and the length decreases from the hairline to the bottom. This hairstyle is perfect for office setting, attending formal events and outdoor activities.

Here’s our short guide on DIYing crew cut.

#4 Classic Style

Classic Style, DIY HairstylesThis is one of the most popular DIY hairstyles for men. The hair on top is simply combed backwards while the shorter hairs at the sides are combed downwards. Use your favorite gel or styling product to make a wet look and comb your hair. This hairstyle is perfect for office setting.

#5 Pompadour Style

Pompadour Style, DIY HairstylesFor long hair, this hairstyle might also give you inspiration. You can add more volume on top by applying your favorite hair product. Brush the hair on top upwards while keeping the sides flat. The back is also flattened to blend with the sides and back.

#6 Textured Style

Textured Style, DIY Hairstyles

Keeping the length of your hair lets you have more styling options. This hairstyle gives more texture on top and at the sides. Simply apply small amount of your texture product and style with your fingers.

Fast and Easy DIY Hairstyles for Women

Here are the quick and easy DIY hairstyles for women that you can enjoy.

#1 Waterfall Braid

Waterfall Braid, DIY HairstylesIf you have long hair, you can try this beautiful waterfall braid. It starts from the side of the forehead towards the other side. It is one of the DIY hairstyles that can transform you into a fairy. We also love how the hair curls at the bottom!

#2 Side Ponytail

Side Ponytail, DIY Hairstyles

Whether you curled your hair with a curling iron or not, you can always tie your hair at the side to make a side ponytail, leaving few strands of hair on the both side to make long tendrils and frame. You can also make it a bit messy for additional texture. Messy is now one of the trendy styles!

#3 Colored Chalk

Colored Chalk, DIY HairstylesFor going to parties or just for fun with friends, you can also use colored chalks to get different colors on your hair. This is a brilliant idea especially if you do not want to use hair dye and you only want to have many colors for a day. Apply colored chalk to highlight your hair and rinse them your hair after. It is not just stylish but also fun to do!

#4 Soft Curls

Soft Curls, DIY HairstylesFor going to special occasions, formal events or friends’ party, this hairstyle is definitely good to go! Simply curl your hair from the middle to the bottom and place them over your shoulders. Place hairband or accessory on top of for additional style.

#5 Side Fishtail

Side Fishtail, DIY HairstylesThis is one of the fastest DIY hairstyles. Simply take three portions of your hair on the crown area and make a braid at one side. It looks great whether the rest of the hair is curled or not. This hairstyle is perfect for attending parties, special occasions or just for everyday look.

#6 Simple Braid and Curls

Simple Braid and Curls, DIY HairstylesThis is another braid style that you can try for fast and easy stylish appearance. Thin braids are made from both sides of the head and brought together at the back for a crown look. If you have natural curls, this can add style to your hair. This simple braid can also go well for straight hair.

If you want to know more about unisex hairstyles follow this way.


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