Best Hair Clippers

Best Hair Clippers

First and foremost, in order to cut your hair, you need to have the proper tools. You can get a cheap pair of hair clippers at almost any convenience store. If you’re not 100% sure about this yet, get those – or even better, borrow them. Just try it out first.

There are many benefits to start cutting your own hair.

  • You’ll save money on haircuts
  • You’ll finally have the haircut you want (after some practise)
  • It’s fun and a great skill to learn

When you’re firmly convinced that cutting your own hair (or someone else’s) is the thing for you, it’s likely you’ll soon have enough of your $20 clippers and will want something better, sturdier, and sharpter. And let’s be honest, you’re going to save tons of money anyway, so you can afford to make a larger investment – even if you’d get the $120 clippers, they would pay for themselves in about a year or sooner.

Buzzcut Guide did some research and compiled a list of the best hair clippers. Most are professional grade, and some are those budget ones you can try out. The list is regularly updated, even though the classics like Oster 76 aren’t going to get replaced soon. We try to carefully compare different features and benefits of each of these machines and we believe that they are represented in a truthful manner.

Note: Before ordering please check the version of clippers; they differ by voltage and power plug type.


Oster Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper

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Classic 76 (exactly same European model is called Classic 97) are proving time and time again that they are the sturdiest, most reliable, most durable, and simply the best hair clippers of all. There is definitely a reason this pair of clippers reside in many serious barber shops.

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People in reviews on the web generally say that they’ve been extremely satisfied with the product. Even though these trimmers are not originally intended for self-use, many customers report that cutting one’s own hair is as easy as with other brands and types of trimmers they have owned previously.

The clippers are fairly heavy in weight, so your arm could get sore after a long time using it (e.g. in a hair salon), but that shouldn’t be a problem for a quick home haircut every few weeks. These clippers make a clean cut, however the original set doesn’t include clipper guards, so be sure to purchase them individually.

It does include two different-sized blades, a 000 and a 1 so you can start with the most basic haircut (the “number one”) right away and even fade it with 000.

So, if you’re looking for a powerful trimmers capable of cutting through the thickest hair that will work without problems literally for generations, these Oster clippers will certainly not disappoint you.

Pros Cons
  • high quality and durable
  • capable of cutting through thick hair
  • strong, reliable motor
  • all parts are replaceable and serviceable
  • doesn’t get hot even after heavy use
  • louder than home-grade clippers
  • heavy and relatively big
  • no guards in the set; need to be purchased separately
  • additional blades are fairly expensive (about $20 a piece)
  • blade changing technique requires some time to master
Price Strength Grade Cord Blades
$$$ *** professional corded detachable

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Oster Model 10

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If you were impressed by the Classic 76’s features, you will love Model 10 which is an improvement of the  76. It is a bit lighter in weight and slightly easier to manoeuvre, and you can use the same blades and guards as you would with its “brother” listed above.

The original Model 10 came out in 1958 (is it older than you?) and still has the same vintage design, but with a brand new motor inside. Just like 76, it’s powerful, sturdy, and dependable, just built into a smaller package. The set includes one guard and a single 000 blade along with a couple of accessories (lubricating oil and a cleaning brush).

People are generally very excited about purchasing this tool and happy with their investment – read their reviews here. A few said that it gets hotter than 76, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you intend to use them for home use.

Pros Cons
  • sturdy, resistive housing
  • super-long, 10 feet cord
  • slightly smaller and lighter than Classic 76
  • high-quality cutting, will cut through virtually anything
  • more expensive than Classic 76
  • loud
  • only 1 guard and 1 blade added to the set
  • blade changing is a little bit complicated
  • some people report of the tool heating up after heavy use
Price Strength Grade Cord Blades
$$$ *** professional corded detachable

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Wahl Senior

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Wahl has been producing high-quality clippers for almost 100 years now and that is probably one reason why these are so popular with barbers. In comparison with the top Oster clippers these feature much more modern design, and they are also a lot cheaper. Wahl Senior comes in two variations – 5000 and 9000 depending on the motor power.

The package includes 3 plastic, rather low-quality guards (some customers complain of clippers pulling hair when they use the added guards), and single blade. Judging from the reviews, these clippers make a great purchase, but if you’re deciding between a more expensive model and Wahl Senior, know that their build is just a little less sturdy. These are somewhere in the middle between home-use and professional hair clippers (some barbers swear by them), and they appear to be somewhat heavy. Click here to read customers’ opinions on these being a great fading tool.

Additional products

Pros Cons
  • not too loud
  • stays cool with normal use
  • powerful motor
  • great for fading
  • vibrates a lot
  • sometimes pulls hair
  • low quality guards added
  • gets hot with heavy-duty use
Price Strength Grade Cord Blades
$$ *** professional corded adjustable

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Andis Master Clipper

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These are the beast, at least if you believe what the customers say. Made for all-around cutting, tapering, and they can even be used as beard trimmers. It’s made of metal so it is a bit heavy, but there is a positive side to that as well – it’s extremely durable!

People report of surprising quietness of the tool, I quote: “you can hear every single hair getting cut”.

Like Wahl Senior, these clippers also have a special lever on the side allowing you to cut hair single-handed without even changing blades or anything like that. You’ll need to put them down every half an hour anyway, because they get quite hot due to their metal (aluminium) casing. So if you’re a very busy barber or take a long time to create a haircut these might not be the best.

It’s worth noting that people like these particular clippers even for personal / home use and are excited to say that the results are favorable to say the least.

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There is a possibility of the tool making a rattle sound – this is not normal and should be fixed by just slightly tightening the screw on the side. Don’t forget to oil these top hair clippers regularly.

Pros Cons
  • quiet
  • precise
  • powerful, heavy-duty cutting
  • heavy
  • get hot after long use
Price Strength Grade Cord Blades
$$ *** semi-professional corded adjustable

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Oster Fast Feed Clipper

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Those of you who want an Oster but are not ready to invest a lot of money, Fast Feed is probably what you need, being the ultimate at-home hair cutting set. In the box you also get 4 combs for short haircuts (½”, ¼”, ⅜” and ⅛”) while balding sizes (#000 to #1) are being covered by the adjustable blade controlled by lever on the left side. It might be a good idea to get an additional set of guards along with the clippers.

The clippers have very plain design, but they offer everything a DIY hairdresser needs; power, brand, and quality, while still perfectly fitting into a hand.

Unfortunately, the low price comes, well, with a price – clippers’ build is of lower quality, and some customers report of the blade lever eventually breaking and clippers missing hairs as well as the tool getting hot after pretty short time of usage.

Additional products

Pros Cons
  • quiet
  • no need to buy more blade sizes (adjustable blade)
  • light in weight
  • lower build quality than higher-grade Oster clippers
  • weak motor
  • dull blades
  • gets hot
Price Strength Grade Cord Blades
$$ ** home use corded adjustable

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Andis Excel 2-Speed

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2-speed is in about the same price range as professional Oster models and compared to them, it is a lot quieter and slightly narrower in design. The detachable blades are the same type as ones used on Oster’s clippers, so you can use either Andis’ Ultra Edge or Oster’s.

These obviously have two speeds that you can choose from when working on a haircut even though many people simply set clippers to the top speed and then forget about it. Customer brag about having them for 10 years running, so they definitely deserve to be named one of the top hair clippers available.

In the box there are 7 combs included as well as one (#000) blade. The housing is made of break-resistant material and fits well in your hand. It’s also lighter than Oster 76.

Additional products

Pros Cons
  • quiet
  • high quality build
  • fit well in your hand
  • light
  • detachable blades
  • blades get hot
Price Strength Grade Cord Blades
$$$ *** professional corded detachable

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Andis Ceramic Bgrc

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Another Andis product that has many great features, one of them – and the most important one, for me – is having ceramic blades called CeramicEdge. In fact, measurements of these clippers blades allow them to be used on any clippers, and vice versa – you can change them to, say Oster 76 blades if you prefer. Ceramic blades don’t transmit much heat and therefore stay cooler than some of its metal counterparts.

Another awesome feature is that this set is corded as well as cordless. Yep, that’s right – by purchasing an additional charging station you can easily transform them to battery-run clippers. But beware! Some customers say that these clippers started dying in the middle of a haircut when running off of batteries. Another negative result of using batteries is that they heat up and also change how the clippers are balanced weight-wise.

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In the box, you get two sharp ceramic blades (#000 and #1) that reportedly cut very well on this clippers. They are very heavy-duty and extremely quiet.

Pros Cons
  • extremely quiet
  • can be converted to cordless
  • ceramic blades
  • heavy-duty clippers
  • good, durable build
  • pricey
  • battery gets hot and can eventually die
  • dated, ugly design
  • relatively heavy set, especially with batteries on
Price Strength Grade Cord Blades
$$$ *** professional corded + transformable detachable

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Remington Short Cut Clipper (now out of production)

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UPDATE: Unfortunately, these clippers are no longer being manufactured. While you can still read the review and probably purchase a set on eBay or elsewhere, know that they aren’t easy to find anymore. Check the list beneath the review for good alternatives.

Short Cut Clipper is a cute set for home use. I say cute because it’s small, inexpensive, and extremely easy to use. Basically what you need to do with these to cut your hair is brush all over your head in any direction and it will cut it to the length you pre-selected. Of course this doesn’t leave you with much options, but it will definitely save you tons of time, not to mention money.

Complaints regarding these clippers are mostly about battery dying out after 6-10 months of use and needing a long time to recharge. If you’re thinking “Oh, I’ll just use it plugged in all the time”, you can’t. Sorry.

I know I said this lists features the top quality clippers, but I wanted to include something inexpensive for beginners in DIY haircutting. If you want an easy way to cut your own hair, and don’t care about potentially having to purchase a new set every year, get Short Cut.

TIP: Oil the insides with WD40 if they get clogged.


Conair Even Hair Clipper

Contour Personal Barber

Philips Norelco

Pros Cons
  • extremely easy to use
  • portable
  • inexpensive
  • rinseable
  • long charge time
  • battery lasts a short time
  • battery fails after a few months
  • low quality build
Price Strength Grade Cord Blades
$ * home use battery fixed

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Wahl Color Pro

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In the category of dirt cheap home use clippers Color Pro probably wins the trophy of the most loved family clippers. It’s intended basically for cutting the whole family’s hair, with their lead copy saying “color coded guide combs make it easy to remember everyone’s favorite hair length”. And customers are generally pretty happy – the clippers cost almost the same as a single haircut, so they pay for themselves right away.

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This is another, let’s say a surprisingly good example of “you get what you pay for”. While these clippers feel heavy enough in your hands and are pretty well-built, the blades are unreliable and tend to miss a few hairs here and there or even pull hair. It’s your call, really.

Wahl has added a bunch of clip-on colored plastic guards along with a booklet with instructions on different haircuts.

Pros Cons
  • extremely inexpensive
  • color coded guides
  • surprisingly well-built for the price
  • many attachment combs and accessories
  • unreliable when cutting hair
  • dull blades; pulls hair
  • noisy
Price Strength Grade Cord Blades
$ * home use corded fixed

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Wahl Chrome Pro

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 Slightly pricier than the Color Pro, these make a pretty good set for home use. People are normally very satisfied with the products, however the most common complaint is, again, dull blades that sometimes pull hair or leave hairs behind.

On the other hand, many people claim that these clippers cut very well, and are surprised by their power. The set includes about a hundred different pieces (actually, exactly 24 pieces) that you probably don’t really need. The whole set makes it a great tool for cutting your own hair, especially for beginners or those who are not sure they’re ready to make the plunge.

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Pros Cons
  • inexpensive
  • nice looking design
  • plenty of accessories added
  • dull blades
  • unreliable when cutting hair
Price Strength Grade Cord Blades
$ * home use corded fixed

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Wahl Professional Super Taper

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Super Taper is just somewhere between home use and professional (even by price), but it still amazes, judging by reviews. The set is extremely durable, and cuts very well. It’s easy to fade with these clippers, and people are surprised by how high-quality they feel.

On the other hand, there are customers claiming that these clippers quickly get jammed with hair due to errors in assembly. They also vibrate a lot and are pretty loud, especially for home use.

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In the set you’ll get 8 guards made of cheap plastic and a styling comb (gee, thanks for that!) along with the clippers that you would expect would be made of metal, but no. The shiny part is plastic with some silver color over it. I guess it is still a pretty good set considering the price.

Pros Cons
  • long cord (3m)
  • sturdy build
  • powerful and sharp
  • stay cool
  • cheap plastic guards added
  • jam easily
  • vibrate heavily
Price Strength Grade Cord Blades
$$ ** semi-professional corded adjustable

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Wahl Sterling Eclipse

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If you prefer cordless hair clippers, there aren’t many to choose from. Eclipse is really one of the few quality battery-run clippers that hold power for a long time, but don’t expect the battery to last decades. The design of these clippers is plain and simple, narrow enough to fit nicely in your hand, and in short very neat, but this custom design also means that you cannot interchange guards and blades with other Wahl products.

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Don’t hope to cut your hair very short with these either – just like many home-use clippers, the closest to your head as you’ll get is ⅛ inch. Other than that, they’re pretty quiet, and they make a nice travelling or at-home set.

Pros Cons
  • quiet
  • light in weight
  • great battery life
  • low energy consumption
  • vibrate a lot
  • only 6 guards added
  • non-standard guards
Price Strength Grade Cord Blades
$$ ** home use battery detachable

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